King Morguwá Culhain

Son to King Mal´Wen Culhain


The kind King that stood to face a troll invasion from the south. Fought for five days straight before he was slain himself by the troll, King Toetwig.


Born: 1455
Died: 1528, slain by Toetwig.
Son number: 1
Homeland: Majnjord
Race: Osttroner
Religion: Ostroath
Lineage: Culhian
Liege Lord: none
Current Class: King of Majnjord
Current Home: City of Majnjord, the White Castle
Distinctive features: Dark chestnut hair, hazel eyes and a commanding voice.


Notable Family:
King Aothwéin Culhian, First born son

Wives and consorts:
Gwaldys Kadlin Wife, w. 1507, d. 1509 (Died in childbirth)

♂ Aothwéin, b. 1509


King Morguwá Culhain

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