Midland's most powerful sorcerer.


Wydram is remembered by nearly all in Midland as a most powerful sorcerer in all of Midland. Even the eldest people of a village could claim they have seen Wydram as children, stating he has not aged a single year. Despite all of this, the old mage seem not to slow down and take things easy. He can be found in nearly all the corners of the realm.


Born: ? (Looks about eighty)
Son number: ?
Homeland: Majnjord
Race: Half-Elf (Illmalaina/Osttroner)
Religion: Ostroath
Lineage: ?
Liege Lord: High King Aothwéin Culhian
Current Class: Commoner
Current Home: City of Majnjord, the mage tower.
Distinctive features: Great white beard, kind eyes and mischievous smile.



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