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Bielkeh family tree

Family traits

Distinctive Feature:
Ice blue eyes

Men’s gift:
+5 Read
The men of house Bielkeh has always been a strong believer in written truths.

Women’s gift:
+10 Falconry
There are few individuals that impresses an audience during a falcon hunt as the women of Bielkeh do.

Honour: +1
Without honour we are merely commoners with fancy clothes.

Traits: (men)
Proud +1
Men of house Bielkeh have often stood above many other houses in court and law.

Traits: (women)
Honest +1
The duty of the women in house Bielkeh is to always speak true to their men, always.

Traits: (both)
Merciful +1
House Bielkeh looks kindly upon those less fortunate in life, war and love.

+1 CON
Sturdy as the ground we live on.


The Age of The Stars

Rowan rules the family


A Song of Spears Bjursan MaLa