Nath ok dagh


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Distinctive Feature:

Men’s gift:
Folklore +5
The males of Nath ok dagh always seemed to understand the commoners far better than most peers.

Women’s gift:
+10 Stewardship
Nath ok dagh women are famous when it comes to running a manors, they seldom seem to fail at it.

Love family: +1
Blood is thicker than water.

Traits: (men)
Proud +1
Nath ok dagh has always been protective of their good name.

Traits: (women)
Deceitful +1
The women of Nath ok dagh has always been prone to keep secrets from their men.

Traits: (both)
Female heirs allowed
Nath ok dagh has mostly been equal among the genders of their family, allowing the women to inherit as men do.

+1 DEX
A sure footing will never see you fall.


The Age of The Stars

Aedan rules the family

Nath ok dagh

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